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How We Choose Our Partners & Associates

Zartec and its associates are a team of service-orientated persons, each one, a professional with years of experience and eager to serve and to satisfy our clients. Our personal approach makes us more flexible and helps us create long-term relationships with our clients. We are proud to say that most of our clients view us as a supporting part of their business or project, rather than external consultants or service providers.

All our clients, large or small, overseas or local, are equally important to us and are treated with equal care and commitment. We try to be prompt and punctual, and we handle confidential client information and client funds in fully compliant manner as required by current regulations. 


Selection Criteria For Partners & Associates


EXPERTISE: Our partners and associates have expertise in their chosen profession and
have the required qualifications.


EXPERIENCE: Our partners have a track record handling cases and can provide client testimonials.  


FAIR PRICE:  The fees charged by our partners are competitive compared to other service providers and there is no additional introduction fee added to their fees.

Cooperate With Us !

Zartec cooperates with legal advisers, fiduciary service providers, auditors and serviced offices to offer company formation, company administration and corporate support services. We are open to expand our network of approved service providers and look forward to receiving requests for cooperation from Cyprus and other jurisdictions in Europe, China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

​Usually, accounting and audit firms, tax consultants, law offices and business consultants with clients of international business exposure reach out to us to establish a professional cooperation agreement with us as the local service provider. If you are interested to provide your clients with any of the services that we are promoting in our website, such as international company structures, tax planning and tax optimization, structuring of cross-border industrial or real estate investments, then contact us for more information.

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