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Why You Need Social Media Digital Marketing?

1. Your customers are online
2. Your competitors are online
3. You can reach an enormous audience

4. It’s cost-effective and measurable

5 You can track responses to your marketing efforts immediately


Why You Should Work With Zartec?


In today’s competitive market, digital marketing is indispensable for commercial success of all businesses - large or small. Zartec team is here to use online platforms to amplify your brand, products and services. 

Outsource your digital marketing function to us will e
mpower your company to partner with an experienced digital marketing team to stand out and succeed in the crowded online landscape.

Our clients know that they must maintain active social accounts, updated websites, and digital service support but creating images, writing content, and updating across social media takes up valuable staff time, so they prefer to outsource this function to Zartec.

What We Do?

We take the burden of social media off your shoulders. We create a digital marketing strategy with posts, reels, stories, blog posts, and provide reports to show tangible results of our actions.

Our team will deliver a tailored high quality service to each and every one of our clients, big or small, based in Cyprus or abroad. We strongly believe that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach when it comes to SEO, content marketing or social media or PPC. Our digital marketing strategy will be customized for you to achieve the objectives that you have decided. 

Why Outsource Your Digital Marketing Function?

1. Experience
We have deep knowledge and experience in the online world and we work  with specialists in various fields, so we have a clear vision of which strategies work and which do not work to increase your brand presence and increase interactions.

2. Cheaper

Often clients have the misguided belief that outsourcing is expensive because they do not consider two vital factors:  (a) budget spent is not a cost, but an investment aimed at bringing the company a return in the future; (b) the alternative of in-house staff has high cost if you consider their gross salary, office space and other expenses. 

3. Results

Zartec digital marketing services team is made up of experts working together to bring results. We are committed to meet and exceed client expectations and achieve results which can be proven with analytics. 

Be S.M.A.R.T!

Working with Zartec for your digital marketing allows you to set clear and measurable goals and, if necessary, to change your actions over time in order to achieve your goals.

S – Specific and Significant
M – Measurable and Meaningful
A – Analyse and Achieve 
R – Realistic and Results
T – Track and Time-based

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