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Why You Need A Professional Website?

1. Your business will gain visibility and credibility
2. You can educate and encourage customers
3. Customers will be informed of news and updates
4. Ensure your business is always accessible
5. It is cost effective way to reach a wide audience
6. You can promote less known products and services
7. It is cheaper than printed media 
8. You can offer fast and efficient customer service

9. Your customers and competitors are already online

Why You Should Work With Zartec?

In today’s market, professional websites are an indispensable tool for commercial success of all businesses - large or small. Our Cyprus based web design & development company is focused on one thing – creating websites and eCommerce sites that help you sell yourself, your products and your services.

Our talented website developers have with years of experience in building, growing and improving the online presence of start ups and established companies. 

We offer 3 types of website design: basic landing page, corporate informational, and ecommerce. We promise to create a functional and user friendly website and charge you very reasonable prices.

What We Do?

Designing a website is a vital part of your brand profile and finding ways to stand out as a player in the market is the way to beating competitors and increase your sales and profits.

Our website designers will ask you following questions, before they start work on designing your website:

1. What is your brand profile and positioning?
We analyze your current website and copy content and images as required by the client. Then we discuss what needs to change to update the brand profile and give new tone and message in the new website. Every time a visitor enters your website, your brand positioning needs to be clear. So we will make sure loading times are fast, page structure is user friendly, text is accurate and easy to read, etc

2. Does your website have Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ?
A website without proper SEO is doomed to fail. This digital tool, if used correctly, can help your website reach a wide audience. The aim of the SEO expert is to make your website appear on the first Search Engine Result Pages, for example in the top 10 of Google or Bing search. This is achieved with carefully keywords, supported with analytics and testing. 

3. Are your leads converting?

A lead is a person interested in your brand services or products. Your aim should be to convert these leads into buyers. Of course, the first marketing objective is to generate leads (for example by using Google ads and social media posts, etc), and once they visit your website, to convert them to buyers or customers. Finding ways to appeal to leads is critical and this starts with eye-catching designs, convincing content and engaging CTAs (Calls to Action). 

4. Is your website content accessible?

We will make sure content is organized in your website and easily accessible to the visitor. Are your blogs and news pages categorized? Are the images and video clips high quality? Is the copy consistent with the brand profile? Today's online reader is impatient and has short attention span. The minute he/she is lost in your website, they will go away and you will lose them, making your content accessible and easy to find is critical. Users want information and we want it immediately with minimum effort. Zartec will structure your website in a way that draws people in and keeps them there for as long as possible. 

5. Is your website compliant?
Due to EU regulations for personal privacy and financial fraud, your website has to be structured to be compliant with all the current laws and regulations. The Zartec team un
derstand the ins and outs of GDPR and other laws and we make sure that all content of your site is optimized to meet all governmental standards.

Be S.M.A.R.T!

Working with Zartec for your digital marketing allows you to set clear and measurable goals and, if necessary, to change your actions over time in order to achieve your goals.

S – Specific and Significant
M – Measurable and Meaningful
A – Analyse and Achieve 
R – Realistic and Results
T – Track and Time-based

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